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Open CMS Customisation

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Website Design and Developement

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Open CMS Customisation

Erbiumgroup is expertise in open CMS webdevelopment......
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Cheap and Professional webdesign

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Serach Engine Optimization

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Userfriendly design and security systems for your e-commerce website....


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules the kingdom of World Wide Web. When choosing to create your company’s website, make sure it is designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Having a stunning website is only useful when you receive Internet traffic on a consistent basis.
Does your company appear in the search engine listings when you enter your company or products’ name, services and area coverage? If the answer is no, then it is time for you to think of how much Internet traffic do you attract to your website? Now you will understand why there was a steep fall in your sales? Ever thought of a solution? Work with us to build an SEO-friendly website. Why not let your website work hard for you by driving its own traffic from search engines with web optimization.

When a searcher enters a keyword, the search engines list the websites according to their relevance. There are two types of search engine listings.

Natural Listings and Paid Listings

Paid Listings - Paid listings are the listings that should be paid for. The position of a website on the search engines’ result page is bought by the advertiser.


Natural Listings - You need not pay for natural listing. It appears solely based on the relevance. The listing is determined by the search engines' algorithms by finding, sorting and ranking web pages based on relevancy.

Natural listings are considered to be more accurate and reliable by Internet searchers. Our in-depth reviews and optimization procedure focuses on how to gain higher natural search engine listings.

We will make your WebPages SEO-friendly by adding important keywords and phrases to the title, HTML Meta keyword tag and HTML meta description tag.


Improvement in Natural Listing

At Erbium we know the importance of natural listing. So improvement in natural listing is a must to rank higher on the search engine listing. We modify your web page based on many analyses.

• We perform compatibility analysis.

• We analyze your website’s keywords, metadata and site structure.

• We analyze your website’s HTML and dynamic code.

• We analyze your website’s textual content.

• We analyze your website’s linking structure.

• We observe 'on the page' and 'off the page' factors affecting your website.

After conducting these analyses, we will refine your website as it suits the search engines. We maintain your website’s optimization throughout the life of your website.

Our White Hat SEO Services

• Analyze and monitor your website ranking

• Analyze keyword densities

• Find targeted keywords for your website

• Pinpoint the keyword densities you need on each page to boost your keyword rankings

• Analyze your competitor’s inbound links

• Find relevant links for your websites link campaign

• Use dominant SEO tools to make your website top ranked within limited time

SEO Plans

Erbium Group offers you several SEO plans. This depends on the amount of support you require.

If you are a small company with no in-house IT support, we can provide a complete service from reworking on the source code and writing SEO friendly content. We will even do the link building, article submissions and all the other necessary things.

If you want to keep control of your website and keep access secure, we can put together a list of instructions for your web master to follow.

If we work closely together, there is every chance you will see a large increase in the Internet traffic and an overall improvement in ranking.

For more information on our SEO and Natural Visiting services, please contact us today.

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