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Open CMS Customisation

Erbiumgroup is expertise in open CMS webdevelopment and customisation like Joomla,Wordpress,Drupal etc..

Cheap and Professional webdesign

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Website Design and Developement

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Open CMS Customisation

Erbiumgroup is expertise in open CMS webdevelopment......
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Cheap and Professional webdesign

Professionally Experianced team to hear your requirement....
Serach Engine Optimization

E-Commerse Webdevelopment

Userfriendly design and security systems for your e-commerse website....


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Web Hosting

A web hosting service allows organizations to host their own websites in web servers. With web hosting service you can store HTML files, images, videos, etc. These can be accessed via the World Wide Web.

At Erbium, we provide web hosting solutions for a variety of websites ranging from static to dynamic websites. We have partnered with top web hosting providers in India, UK and US. This facilitates the most cost-effective web hosting solutions for you. We guarantee to provide you with low cost good quality web hosting services that you cannot find anywhere else.

Web Hosting Services

To fulfill your refined requirements and desires Erbium Group provides the following web hosting services:

• Dedicated hosting - In dedicated hosting a client takes an entire server on lease. This is more flexible when compared to shared hosting. This type of hosting is highly secure as various programs for scanning the systems and networks are deployed.
• Shared hosting / virtual hosting/ derive hosting - In shared hosting many websites reside on the same web server which is connected to the Internet. This is the most economical type of web hosting.
• Clustered hosting – Clustered hosting uses the technique of load balancing. Load balancing allows you to spread the work between many computers, network links, hard wares etc. Likewise in clustered hosting the load of hosting is spread across many physical machines. This a tried and tested method and many large websites work this way.
• Reseller hosting – In reseller hosting the account owners have the authority to host websites on behalf of third parties. This type of web hosting service is particularly useful for web developers and small web development firms who want to host multiple websites for their customers.

Types of Websites Hosting

At Erbium, we design and develop eye-catching static and dynamic websites for our priced clients. We provide them opportunities to host those websites at affordable and cozy rates. Some of those websites are:

Web portals – Web portals are websites that acts as a doorway to other websites on the Internet.

Profile websites – Profile websites present profiles of individuals, companies, NGOs etc.

• Personal websites – Personal websites belong to an individual. In this website the individual can include whatever information he/she wishes to add.

Community websites – Community websites helps in social networking. It allows the users to communicate with other people around the globe. It may facilitate chat facilities or message platforms.

E-commerce websites – E-commerce or electronic commerce websites facilitate the online sale of goods and services. They also allow financial transactions.

• Blog websites – Blog websites are owned by individuals or an organization. Here, you can post editorials, journals etc.

Corporate websites – Corporate websites provide information about a company or organization. The details of the company background, their services and contact information is also given. These websites can become a good marketing tool for a company.

Information websites – Information websites provide information on some relevant topic. This is solely for the purpose of knowledge distribution among the mass and is mostly non- profitable.

Our Web Hosting Facilities

Erbium provides highly flexible web hosting facilities in a very low price range. All the web hosting packages include the following facilities:

• Flexible web hosting plans

• Unlimited Internet traffic

• Unlimited domains

• Unlimited subdomains

• Unlimited MySQL database support for dynamic websites

• Higher bandwidth

• FTP Account for each domain

• Mail service with POP3 facility

• Access mails using the Web Mail service

• Unlimited e-mail accounts

• Separate SMTP service

• Provides high security to the mail box – equipped with antivirus, SpamAssassin and Autoresponder

• Server is featured with CGI, FastCGI, PHP 5, Perl, Ruby On Nails, Python, SSH, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, Curl, GD 2, ImageMagick, Streaming Audio/Video and Free PHP/Perl Module Installation

• Manage database using phpMyAdmin

• Check website statistics with AWStats or Webalizer or Raw Log Manager

• Can integrate osCommerce or Zen Cart as per the requirement

We offer web hosting on both the following Operating Systems (OS).

• Linux Web Hosting (also referred to as LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

• Windows Web Hosting

With all our web design and development packages we offer free hosting for one year. Erbium Group provides you a better service at a cheaper rate. Leave your web hosting project with us and receive a quality work within a given time limit.

For more information on our Web Hosting services, please contact us today.

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You can also fill your details in our Contact Us section and we will get back to you at your convenient time.